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We create space.

We have a passion for project development. Focussing on existing property, we raise the full upside potentials of office buildings, residential assets, senior care homes as well as of mixed-use district developments. Our expert team includes highly qualified constructional engineers, project developers and real estate economists. They regularly create value for our portfolio.

AIF Development is the project developer of AIF Capital Group. After completion, development projects are integrated into our long-term portfolio. For larger scale maintenance or refurbishment measures, AIF Development also takes over assets from our Portfolio. The deep experience from our own and co-investments help in adequately assessing the potentials of investment opportunities and developing new products for our clients.

Success factors

Developing new potentials from existing property

Identifying potentials

We are constantly on the lookout for the next development project. With a strong network, gut feeling and professional expertise, we identify the right project for our property portfolio.

Users and investors

We have a direct line to both occupiers and investors to develop concepts that suit both sides.

Innovative concepts

We take existing building stock and align it with the requirements of today and of tomorrow. With a keen understanding of the property and innovative use concepts.

Effective project management

We have the competencies and digital infrastructure to create lean and agile project teams – targeted to the specific requirements of each development project.



Joachim Zug

Managing Director

Joachim Zug is Managing Director and a Partner of AIF Development GmbH. Before, he gained extensive experience and knowhow in more than a decade of project development and investment management.


Ralf Schlautmann

Managing Director, Founder and Partner of AIF Capital

Ralf Schlautmann is a partner of the holding AIF Capital Group. He gained extensive experience in real estate investments as a Fund Manager at Daimler Chrysler Structured Finance (today: Deutsche Fonds Holding). Since 2006, he was responsible for building up E&G Funds & Asset Management. Since the management buy-out in 2017, he develops the company together with Mario Caroli.