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Mario Caroli


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HRB791542, Amtsgericht Stuttgart 

Permission according to Art. 34c Para. 1 GewO granted by the State Capital of Stuttgart, Office for Public OrderEberhardstraße 37, 70173 Stuttgart. 


Regulatory Authority: 

Business licence according to Art. 34c GewO: Office for Public Order, Trade and Gastronomy authority, Eberhardstraße 37, 70173 Stuttgart. 

Business licence according to Art. 34i GewO: Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Region Stuttgart, Jägerstraße 30, 70174 Stuttgart. 


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AIF Development Services GmbH

Managing Directors:

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Scharpf, Joachim Zug

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AIF Management GmbH

Managing Directors:

Mario Caroli, Daniel Wolf

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AIF Corporate Services GmbH

Managing Directors:

Mario Caroli, Ralf Kölle

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