Your partner for regulated investments

Our Portfolio Manager Partner KVG provides regulated investment funds for institutional investors. Licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), we offer open-ended special alternative investments funds (special AIF), as well as closed special and mutual AIF. With lean and digitalised structures, we achieve efficient fund administration processes. Our Partner KVG stands for high-yielding investments and the best practice services of a private bank.

Partner KVG is the capital investment company of AIF Capital Group. Acting as trustee, the company develops regulated investment products targeted to the respective property asset class and development project. AIF Partner KVG covers all regulatory matters for our clients and for the group – with a high level of efficiency and reliability.

Success factors

Dynamics and compliance are not a contradiction.


Our investment experts ensure regulatory compliance, efficiently carried out for our clients.

Risk adjustment/ management

It is our job is to identify and minimize investment risks. With stringent risk management, we safeguard value creation from property investments for our clients.

Fund management

We actively steer all matters regarding our asset classes, liquidity and financing of your property portfolio.


The performance of an investment fund over its entire life cycle depends on a sound conception, advanced asset management and the right timing in portfolio management.


An integral part of our service package is reporting. We make sure that your portfolio meets all regulatory requirements and provide our investors frequently with customized information from our database.


We develop scenarios, stress tests and performance simulations of all asset-, company- and fund-related data for you.

Executive Board


Dr. Sven O. Eggers

Chairman of the Executive Board

Sven Olaf Eggers is the Chairman of the Executive Board of AIF Partner KVG and responsible for the areas Risk Management, Controlling, KVG Administration and Organization. Before taking up his position at AIF Group, he was a partner at EY in Munich, and before this several years a CEO and Group Head at PATRIZIA Immobilien.


Christian Holz

Member of the Executive Board

Christian Holz is a Member of the Executive Board of AIF Partner KVG and leads the areas Fund Management, Fund Conception, Structuring as well as Transactions. Before assuming his new role at AIF Partner KVG, Mr Holz was a leader in Project Development, Acquisition Management, Portfolio Management and Fund Conception at various property companies.